Do you have a burning question you come across while mentoring? Have your experiences in the field led you to form a hypothesis you feel is not discussed enough yet in the mentoring scene? Here is your chance to inspire your fellow matchmakers and mentoring researchers by presenting it and benefit from their knowledge. Discuss and work together in a session to come up with new insights and solutions.

We also invite researchers to present their latest research question to receive first had feedback from practitioners.

We are offering thirty participants the possibility to conduct a 45-minute working session during the summit, in which either the key issues of the summit as presented in the input talks on Thursday morning shall be discussed, or topics listed below, which are of course open for expansion. Feel free to bring in your own ideas!

„Please note that a session should not be a mere presentation on your side. We ask you to take no longer then 10 minutes to present your question/hypothesis and then take on the role of the moderator for the discussion, exchange of experiences or joint collection of experiences – whatever seems suitable for the chosen topic.
Would you like to conduct such a session? We invite you to submit a proposal of no longer than 500 words, elaborating on your major starting question or hypothesis and also stating how you anticipate the course of the session run by you.
Please hand in your proposal under the button “Get Involved!”