These past few days have been tough on us. With the unexpected situation with the COVID-19, having to postpone the 2020 European Mentoring Summit, which we had been organizing for months now, has not been easy. However, we wanted to let you all know that this is not a defeat, but we are taking it as a new opportunity. An opportunity to make a better and bigger Summit!

For some days now, our team has been working from home. As you may already know, the situation with the coronavirus in Spain is having quite an impact on our lives, and we have decided to stay home and safe. We keep working from home to communicate with you all, as well as to start rethinking the Summit. We hope that everything will be back to normal by October and that we finally will get the chance to meet you all.

Our area of work, mentoring, is surely being affected by the new circumstances, and the people who are probably suffering the most are the mentees. On our side, the Coordinadora de Mentoria Social’s team is doing its best to find new opportunities and ways to keep the mentoring projects alive. Difficult times require creative solutions! That is why we encourage you all to keep imagining ways to stay in touch with your teams while staying safe. In October, when we finally meet, we will all have plenty of stories to tell, and new experiences to share.

Hopefully, by then our societies will be rethinking their ways and learning from this whole situation. The extreme measures we are now experiencing from our governments are also exposing the deficiencies in our administrations and societies, and this will probably lead to a new paradigm. Let’s all look at this as a new opportunity where our organizations and universities can raise their work and speak out about the social issues in which the mentoring sector has so much to say.

Until then, stay safe!