We are excited to announce the workshop sessions for the 2022 European Mentoring Summit. During this year’s summit, you will have the chance to listen to 40+  selected presenters, who will challenge our understanding of how and under which conditions mentoring works. These workshops will be based on this year’s theme of “Linking formal and informal mentoring in a holistic approach”.

The workshops will be delivered in different ways. There will be presentations, interactive round table talks, masterclasses to dive into a topic deeper, and short training to learn new skills.

These workshop sessions will revolve around the topics of

  • Strategic collaborations facilitation to embed mentoring as a core element in society.
  • Research-informed practices: to bring the different aspects of mentees’ life together throughout formal and natural mentoring in a person-centered experience.
  • Innovative practices for connecting different worlds for the benefit of mentees to support more holistic approaches to mentoring.